How do you write “Grandma” in Arabic?

I am Lebanese/Syrian and I call my grandmother "Teta" (not Sitti). How is this written in Arabic? And in true Arabic not phonetically from English via Google Translate… I could do that myself.

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  • I’m Syrian and I also call my grandma teta. Since teta is slang and not offical Arabic, it’s hard to spell in Arabic. But I think you’d spell it- تيتا

  • Well ,if you happen to desire the phrase that implies "nest" it is mentioned "eshan" however written in Arabic "????" now not ???? .Because the final kind way " Two nests" the twin kind of "??" Note that the sh sound is germinated "double" ????? Hope it is helping. But,to will let you that it has not anything to do with Islamic names !! there are plenty of great names …however I’ve ever noticeable this identify. If you wanna extra names or any query,do not hesetate to touch me. Good good fortune .

  • تيته = teta

    جده = jaddah (grandma)

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