How does a macro-level approach to sports differ from a micro-level approach?

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  • Macro level would be NFL, National football League. Micro would be high school football, just a lower level, smaller scale, unless the football is being played in Texas. I would imagine the plays would be a little different since the rules for high school, college, and NFL are different. In high school they have students playing and they have to maintain grades in order to play. Their games generate monies for the local businesses in the area. In the NFL, owners pay high prices, to supposedly get better players, to improve their chances of winning, which doesn't always work. The prices they charge for tickets and box seats, is much higher than what you could charge for a high school game where you just sit on the bleachers. The NFL games also increase business for the local businesses, but it might take several hours after a NFL game for the traffic to get back to normal. I would imagine it is mostly the same, just on a smaller scale for micro, and a larger scale for macro.

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