How does Grave Encounters end?

I watched this film a while ago and can’t actually remember what happens in the end.

1 Answer

  • Sasha and Lance walk through the tunnels, but Sasha collapses and vomits blood. They stop from exhaustion and nap. While napping, a camera Matt stationed at the underground tunnel shows a mist that appears and makes Sasha disappear. Lance wakes up shortly after, and frantically searches for Sasha, but to no avail. Desperate and alone, Lance continues his walk to the end. Losing his sanity, he eats several rats. He speaks to the camera and curses the people who may be watching. His walk stops when he sees the door he and Houston saw earlier on their tour, and enters the room, no longer afraid of the rats inside. He discovers it is the legendary operating room of the doctor who used the patients as test subjects. Going further into the room, he finds pictures of what appear to be his friends being operated on, as well as a Satanic altar. He turns around and sees nurses and the doctor working on a patient. The camera blinks, and the doctor appears in front of the camera and screams with a grotesquely contorted face much like the female ghost from earlier. The doctor, claiming Lance is insane, grabs him. The camera is pointed away from the scene to a book on how to operate mental patients, with Lance’s pleas of sanity and his screams in the background. The camera goes out, and returns to Lance, with blood coming out of his eyes, implying he had a lobotomy. He says a few parting words before the screen finally goes blue.

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