how does ground water get polluted?

ways in which ground water is being polluted and how is it harmful to living beings

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  • Ground water is often polluted by human activities such as:

    1. Improper use of fertilizers, animal manures, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides.

    2. Improperly built or poorly located and/or maintained septic systems for household wastewater.

    3. Leaking or abandoned underground storage tanks and piping.

    4. Storm-water drains that discharge chemicals to ground water.

    5. Improper disposal or storage of wastes.

    6. Chemical spills at local industrial sites.

    Suburban growth is bringing businesses, factories and industry (and potential sources of pollution) into once rural areas where families often rely on household wells. Growth is also pushing new home developments onto the edge of rural and agricultural areas. Often municipal water and sewer lines do not extend to these areas. Many new houses rely on wells and septic tanks. But the people buying them may not have any experience using these systems.

  • Liquid pollutants seep into the ground just like water does, or harmful materials are buried in or near the water table, and so the ground water contaminated. How harmful it can be depends on the type of pollutant, and the concentration.

  • There are several different types of groundwatergroundwatergroundwater, ranging from water which flows freely through the ground and interacts with surface water to closed aquifers, which are theoretically very hard to contaminate. GroundwaterGroundwaterGroundwater becomes polluted when materials seep through the soil and reach the water, which can happen when rainfall washes contaminants into the ground, when polluted surface water connects with groundwatergroundwatergroundwater, and when buried tanks or waste disposal sites start to leach.

    Any number of contaminants can end up groundwatergroundwatergroundwater, including sewage, prescription medications, agricultural chemicals, microorganisms, road salt, landfill seepage, petroleum products, chemicals, and hazardous waste such as nuclear waste. These contaminants make the water unsafe to drink, because they can cause severe health problems. The water may also be unsafe for use in agriculture or manufacturing, and it can cause issues for local wildlife and flora exposed to the contaminated water.

    People usually identify groundwatergroundwatergroundwater pollution when people start getting sick while drinking it, or when routine testing of water supplies reveals contamination. People with wells are at a high risk of getting sick from polluted water, because plumes of contaminants can end up in some surprising places, and people who drink municipal water are also at risk, because groundwatergroundwatergroundwater supplies may be one of the sources used by a municipality to supply the water needs of the populace.

    Once discovered, groundwatergroundwatergroundwater pollution needs to be addressed, both to clean the contaminated water and to prevent its spread. Finding the source of the contamination and cleaning it up or containing it is important, as is cleaning the water to make it safe for use. In cases where the water cannot be cleaned, it will be necessary to contain it so that the contaminants cannot form a plume in the soil and reach clean water supplies. Alternative supplies of water may need to be secured to meet water needs while the pollution is dealt with.

  • ground water pollution occurs mainly through human activities like use of chemical for agriculture. these chemicals infiltrate into the ground by the process of deep percolation of water. irrigation can also cause ground water pollution where fertilisers and other dissolved chemicals are leached into the ground with time, all these chemicals get into contact with the ground water causing pollution. living organisms have preferred living conditions;PH this condition is altered by different chemicals depending on whether alkaline or acidic. this change may cause suffocation and death of these beings

  • Water is simply being polluted due to the expantion of urbanisation. When a population grows there is a more need for room, resulting in expansion and food and water.

    Whats causing this? Large factories and dumping of sewage and rubbish into oceans.

    This is endangering living speies

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  • How Can Groundwater Become Contaminated


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