how does tungsten conduct electricity? Suggest 2 other physical properties of tungsten.?

tungsten is a metal.

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  • Tungsten is very dense. Any denser and it would probably be radioactive. Better than lead for shielding against radiation. Denser than lead etc etc etc......

    Not that i've got anything against lead!

  • Does Tungsten Conduct Electricity

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    Tungsten is a better conductor than titanium by a factor of about 6 (see link). This has nothing to do with atomic number though: the best conductor is silver, followed by copper, and then aluminum. Note that despite this difference, both are fully metallic and will conduct electricity well - you wouldn't use titanium in wires, but you wouldn't use it as an insulator either. Both metals are durable. Titanium is protected from corrosion by a tough oxide layer, which can be altered by electrolysis to produce a colored layer on the titanium. Titanium is actually less strong than hardened steel, and it is a very light metal, being used a lot in airplanes. Tungsten is very dense - the same density as gold - and is hard and brittle. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, meaning that tungsten objects such as rings will be sintered rather than cast (made from powder pressed together while hot), which makes it more brittle (the stuff used to armor tanks is steel with some tungsten added, which is stronger than ordinary steel). I would expect both metals to be about the same price.

  • Yes, tungsten is a metal, which is why it conducts electricity. Metals have free valence electrons that can move around easily.

    It's very hard

    It has a very high melting point

  • Its maleable and ductile....

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