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  • Really depends on the condition of the horse. Daily exercised Thoroughbreds are commonly raced for a distance of 1.25 miles, and usually at a slow gallop know has breezing be breezed for 2 miles. Thoroughbreds, which are bred for running distance but not speed, have been clocked at over 40 MPH. Quarter horses, bred and raced for short distances at speed, can reach 50 MPH. Quarter horses are usually raced for 1 mile as they are known for short bursts of fast speed. This is a tough answer since it would vary by horse and the condition of horse…so the above is just approx.


  • the speed of the horse would depend on the breed, what kind of codition it’s in and it’s age. A thoroughbred can run about up to 40 mph. Quarter horses run at 55 mph. I’m not quite sure about other breeds.

  • A horse will run fairly a approaches and all around the western priaries at a sturdy galloping speed. Befor degree coaches a rider might grant the mail from California to St Louis dodging arrows from savage Indians and outlaws alongside the rout. They known because it the horse exhibit mail transport provider. they had stations to alter mounts alongside the way yet now and back those little out on the prairey stations may be burned to the floor via Indians flaming arrows and the sparkling horses taken via the Indians. The rider might then ought to proceed directly to the subsequent station on the direction. California grow to be civilized alongside the coastal cities yet inland grow to be comparable to Nevada Oklahoma and something of the prairey states so definite and that they did no longer degree in those days the miles a horse ought to run yet in basic terms that the mail grow to be sped alongside the direction reason they had their shedules whilst they have been anticipated to be from start to end.

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  • There is a great story about a highwayman called Dick Turpin. He had a horse called “Black Bess” and allegedly road it from London to York as fast as she could run. That is a considerable distance and poor old Bess dropped down dead in the vale of York, in view of the city. In recent years some research was done to see if it was possible that they could of covered the ground they did in the time allotted and I’m going to leave you to find out if it was indeed true.

  • Horses speed varies with their stride length, body build, condition and other factors, but here is a basic idea of how fast– in miles per hour– horses move at their various gaits. This link may help you.…

  • good question and i find it amusing that no one has answered your question! they are just giving you the speed a horse can run. people hear and read what they want to hear and read.

  • Depends on what condition that horse is in, how old, the stride they take, a lot of stuff.

  • 1.75 to 2 miles is a good rule of thumb for (military) planning purposes.

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