how fast can an average police helicopter go?

im just wondering how fast I would have to drive if i was planning on out running a police chopper. not that im planning to. lol

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  • about 150 mile an hour before you will start to outrun it

  • not sure about other jurisdictions, the Maryland State Police fly a fleet of EUROCOPTER AS365N1 DAUPHIN II and III’S

    capable of 201 MPH / 175 KIAS (knots indicated air speed)

    even if you can go that fast, better hope you are on a perfectly straight long road, as they go”as a crow flies” while you have to follow the curves in the road. Much better to pull over and take the ticket. A wreck at 100mph+ is probably not survivable.

  • Usually around 150 mph, but they aren’t limited to following roads either… Birds eye views of all of the surrounding roads, straight line flights, capable of high speeds, high resolution cameras that can read a license plate from 500 feet up, and radios to every police department in the county means it’s no match.

  • Man too many factors depend on this question. Depends on what type of helicopter they are flying. However I would recommend NOT trying to outrun a helicopter, because some of them can travel up to 160 miles per hour ground speed. Plus, you can never outrun the radio!

  • Depends on many factors inc.

    (1) What type of helo you’re flying

    (2) What kit you have attached (drag is a factor)

    (3) Wind – don’t forget if you’re flying at an airspeed of 140 knots into a 20 knot headwind then your overall ground speed will be reduced 120 knots. Alternatively if you’re flying with that same wind behind you, then you’re speed over the ground will be 160 knots (much better).

    Face it, they’re faster and more maneuverable than a car. Give up before you even start!

  • Hi guys…if you have the Commanche breathing down your back, I strongly suggest you never ever try any outrun manoeuvre from this one!! It has a max cruise speed of 175 knots (or 324.1 kmph/202.56 mph). Plus it does not have to stick to the curves and climbs of the road surface. It flies in a straight line, it it wants to and is capable of an extremely fast swoop. (Oh, and if you spot a turret sticking out, pull over, get out and lie face down!!! They carry 50 calibre gattlers that can rip your car’s backside wide open!!) Merry Christmas to all… HO HO HO !!

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  • OK, first the PD helicopters have all kinds of crap hanging off of them so their VNE is lower then a slick ship. Jet Rangers, Long Rangers and Astars with FLIR’s and nightsuns do around 100kts to 120kts. I work in a News helicopter,(We can read a cars plate at 1500ft) its a Long ranger L4 with a cameraball, floats and other parasite stuff. We lumber around at 100kts downhill with no winds.



    Don’t know about choppers but a friend of mine outran two Highway patrol planes and five highway patrol cars for 200 miles They finally stopped him by pulling four semis across the interstate. It took him an hour and five minutes to go the 200 miles. In a Shelby Mustang back in the ’60’s. They didn’t have the radio systems they have now so they had to relay the messages ahead. Every time they set us a roadblock he was already gone by.

  • More of a follow up question…how long can the heli sustain those speeds….150 to 200 mph or what ever its top speed is(absent of wind condtions).

  • Many vehicles on the Autobahn could go faster than their 150 mph..

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