How fast does a bullet travel from a .22, or a .357, or .45?

In MPH? Is it faster than a fighter jet or the space shuttle while entering the atmosphere?

Strange question I know.

thanks gents

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  • Depends on many factors including grain weight of the bullet, powder used, barrel length, temperature, humidity, amongst a few other factors.

    With all that said, here are the averages:

    22LR: 1300 fps (900 MPH)

    357 Mag: 1450 fps (990 MPH)

    45 ACP: 900 fps (614 MPH)

  • a 45 acp bullet is relatively slow, going about 600 MPH

    a 357 magnum bullet is pretty fast….for a handgun, going about 900 MPH

    By 22 I assume you mean 22LR, ‘standard velocity’ rounds at about 800 MPH out of a rifle, while high velocity 22LR will give you a bit over 1000 MPH. From a handgun the speed will be about 10% to 15% less.

    The 45 acp is just under the speed of sound, the other ones are just over it, so faster than a commercial jet plan, much faster than a racecar.

    Of course, there are other types of 22s, like the 22-250 a superb long range varmint gun. The 22-250, depending on the bullet weight, will fire it’s 22 caliber projectile somewhere between 2500 MPH and 2800 MPH, this is faster than most fighterjets with thier after-burners on full blast. These bullets go well above mach 3, approaching mach 4

  • Shot will not travel nearly as far as a bullet will. The reason for this is that each shot pellet does not have enough mass to retain downrange energy. Or in other words the lighter weight an object is the faster it will slow down. Standard shotgun shells will launch their pellets at varying distances depending on the size of the shot. 00 buckshot will travel quite a bit farther than #6 shot. Even with 00 buckshot the pellets would only go 200 yards before striking the ground if shot from a paralell position over level ground. However if angled correctly they could travel more than a half mile because each 00 pellet has approximately the same velocity and mass as a fired .22 LR round. The above mention pistol cartridges loaded with shot would have even less distance to them when they are fired. They are typically loaded with #9 or #12 shot which will lose thier downrange energy very quickly.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How fast does a bullet travel from a .22, or a .357, or .45?

    In MPH? Is it faster than a fighter jet or the space shuttle while entering the atmosphere?

    Strange question I know.

  • 357 Bullet

  • *830 feet (253 meters) per second for a .45

    *.22 centerfire cartridge, 2400–3000 fps .22 Swift, 4000 fps … Air resistance slows the speed of a bullet and reduces the distance by which it travels

    *357 magnum 125-grain at velocities of 1200-1500

    (all depend on the make and model of the firearm and type of bullet.)

  • .22 long rifle is around 1200 fps .357 is around 950 fps and .45 is close to same as .357


    Generalization without checking ballistic table as you can. 38 1350fps/357 1650fps/20 1250fps/ bullets a mile too,shotgun,I’ve been hit and stung on a hillside when a bird flew and another hunter shot me and the bird. I was merely stung,I saw it coming and turned away,at about 150 yards,estimated,they don’t go too far.

  • appox 800 MPH just over mach 1 the speed of sound or faster then a 747 which cruises at 600 MPH

  • read the specs on the side of the box. depends on the grain of the bullet and what point from the muzzle you are measuring with the chronograph. Although the bullets you are asking about from the best of my knowledge do not go any faster than 2,000 fps. max.

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