how hard is it to learn the German language?

Im American if that helps at all.

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  • I have explored French, German, and Spanish over the years. For me…I find German the most natural and easiest to learn. I treat it like a hobby (like others work crossword puzzles). I have wordbooks next to the toilet… and listen to language CD’s in the car when traveling. I watch a German news TV program daily (Scola) which is an option on my cable.

    I have been to Germany and now have friends I email routinely. I think German language and German accents are very hot! I love the culture, people and food. I named my son “Wolfgang”. I have everything in the house labeled in German. I think you have to really get into a language. Make it fun not a painful process. You don’t have to speak perfect German to have fun with it or travel. I have been gradually working at it for about 6 years. I started with a simple German language course for travel at a community college. I have a private tudor that I run around with once a week…I don’t pressure myself…I just have fun with it.

  • I think German is much easier to learn than French or Spanish or whatever. Also, there are many words in german whoch are the same in english

  • I learned German at school and I found it much easier than French. I really enjoyed it actually. I think it’s a fun language to learn but like all foreign languages, none of them are EASY to learn. Depends how much you want to do it 🙂

  • Yeah, it’s not hard. Just like any other language it takes time to learn, remember the sounds and how to say it.

    Btw, there’s one sound in German that’s not in the english language. This is just typing so I can’t say it directly to you, but the letters for it are “ch”. It’s pronounced very differently from the english “ch”.

  • I think it’s pretty hard, when i was stationed in germany for three years bunch of my troops were taking german101 and they said it’s a hard language to learn because of the spitting and pronounciation of the words. Plus, if you hear a native german speak it, not a romantic language.

    Alles klah!

  • nein! i took german for 5 years (four high school and one college) and i can almost speak it fluently…i really learned to love the languge..alot of people have the misconception that it is an ugly and harsh language, but it really isnt…oh and english actually derives somewhat from the germanic languages so there are alot of cognatives which makes it easier

  • I think it is very hard when I first heard it. I’m currently learning Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. Though I can speak Cantonese and Tai shan only. I’m taking Spanish in my Sophomore year. Take some foreign language classes in your high school year.

  • German in my opinion is one of the least difficult languages. Much of it sounds alike, conjugations are not too difficult, and some of the words are obviously similar to english. Put in the time to study it and you should do fine.

  • Erm my husband is german and he says the language is very difficult but i think if you put your mind to it you can learn anything im learnin 2.

  • It is not very hard at all.

    It has many of the same rules, words, and conjugations as English.

    Im a Junior in high school, taking german for 3 years, and speak it very well.

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