How I write with big, Very big, letters at Wonderland Online?

Please...This Question is only for Wonderland Online Players... all my friends Says to me something with alt+155 etc.. but i don't understand...

5 Answers

  • There are 2 ways of doing the "big letters".

    I have only used 1 way, but a trusted friend told me another way (that only works for certain people).

    The way she taught me was Hold down shift, press (3), and then the letter you want to make big. For me I always get something like (#N).

    Now, the way I know how to do it is: Hold down (alt) then press 1-5-5, on the number pad. Then let go of alt. Press and hold on alt again, and then press 0-2-#-# the last 2 numbers depend on the letter you want to make.

    for example if I do ( alt+1-5-5, then alt+0-2-0-7) I would get Big "A". So really, you start of with 0207, and continue on for the next, example B=0208, C=0209, etc... Hope I helped, msg me if you need an even more detailed answer.

  • Wlo Big Letters

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