How inforced is underaged drinking on St. John’s, united states Virgin island?

i’m 16 and for the most part look my age, i’m wondering about the drinking age. i hear it’s 18 but will i get carded?


i will be in st. john’s with my parents but how much i will be with them is not going to be every minute and my parents may not even care as long as i’m not driving and i’m not on my knees cant stand up wasted

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  • The legal drinking age here is 18. Any establishment caught serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 risks losing their liquor license. I can tell you that on St. John they are a lot less stringent when it comes to carding but on St. Thomas expect to be carded at most of the popular party spots. If your parents have no problem with you drinking though, the establishments have no problem selling to them and letting them give to you. They may however insist that you do not drink on their premises.

  • Your parents is the key. Because the VI has no highway system..which plays into the establishment of the drinking age. Parents can provide liquor to their children in their supervision. ..even in some states in the lower 48. But expect to see signs that say ” Be 18 or Be Gone”

  • The legal age is 18.

    Will you be with your parents? I doubt they will card you.)

    They seem to be a bit lenient compared to the mainland.

    I don’t want to lecture you but be careful and I hope you will be supervised. Just a concerned parent/grandparent talking.

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