How is the egg transferred from the ovary to the uterus?

How is the egg transferred from the ovary to the uterus? A. through muscle contractions, B. by using special hairs, C. by producing estrogen, D. through secretions of glands


B. by using special hairs (im 90% sure)


The ovary is tickled and releases an egg into the fallopian tubes.

B. by using special hairs

The egg is transferred from the ovary to the uterus through muscle contractions called uterine contractions by using special hair like structures called cilia. The transformation of egg from ovary to uterus by “uterine muscle contraction”

Explanation: Hope this helps 🙂


In females, the egg cells or oocytes produced by ovaries. The egg cell is then transferred to fallopian tubes, where they may fuse with sperm and fertilization takes place.  

The fertilized egg is then transported to the uterus from fallopian tube. This is done by contractions in uterine muscles that push the fertilized egg towards the uterus, where it implants.

Thus, the correct answer is option). 'through muscle contractions.'



pretty sure because its not hairs obviously and muscle contractions doesnt make sense

i think its through the fallopian tube

muscle conractions


The answer is:

B) by using special hairs


Through the fallopian tubes.

Explanation: Hope this Helps! 🙂

After the ovaries produce the egg, it travels to the fallopian tube to be fertilized. From there it goes to the uterus.

Hope this helps.

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