How large and how long do Betta fish grow and Live?

what food can make them grow bigger if any.

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  • Two to three years if you’re lucky, a lot less if you’re not. Every betta’s different. Some thrive, others survive, and some don’t even do that.

    Bettas generally can grow to two inches long. Some of the healthier ones can get to be three inches long, but this is rare, and a few midgets never get past one inch.

    Look for the ones that are about an inch and a half, or two inches. Fish stores usually wait until they are fully grown to sell them, so shorter ones tend to be the runts.

    Hikari betta bio gold is a pretty good fish food for bettas, but the packaging sucks. One end is always open to the air, so the vitamin C in it will degrade after you open the package. Also, they tend to expand quite a bit in water, so over feeding can actually burst your betta’s gut. Seven is too much for any fish. Five is really pushing the line, and three is generally safe for a betta that’s fully grown.

    Bettas I’ve had that like that will also usually go for Tetra Color bits tropical granules, which is cheaper, and it’s what my biggest, and most colorful ones seemed to do best on.

    As an occasional treat, freeze dried blood worms, or live ones if you can find them (and use them fast enough, since they turn into flies!) are pretty good, but some people believe that it causes constipation, or even dropsy.

    Daphnia has been suggested as a rather good live food, but feeding it freeze dried is tough, since it comes as a sort of powder, and I tend to overfeed. If the betta is living in a community aquarium, this might work better, but you have to be a little careful about stocking the right fish for that to work.

    I’ve tried feeding my bettas Wardly’s betta bites, but none of them seemed too enthusiastic about that food. I don’t know if it would be good for them or not.

    They do eat most flake food, as well as Tetra micropellets. I used to be able to find a food called “Nippon community chips” that ll my fish seemed to like, but again, that’s a community thing, and I can’t find them any more. I think tetra and wardleys have crowded some of these smaller dealers out.

  • Unless you are buying from a breeder the betta is 6 months to a year old and full grown. His fins may grow out a bit, and his colors change a bit, but that’s it. Not counting the fins he’ll be 1-2 inches long, and live to be 3-5 years old if you take care of him. As far as food better quality pellets/flakes will enhance his color, but be careful not to over fed him. (see bettatalk link)

    PS- Note there a nunmber of breeds of bettas. I’m assuming you have a veil tailed betta, or crowntailed betta in the above. (I’ve never seen anything else in the store.) There are a couple different breeds that are larger or smaller.

  • Just feed him a proper diet to maximize his size. Feed him pellets (hikari are probably the best quality pellets) and freeze-dried bloodworms. Try 3 pellets in the morning, and 2 in the evening (I’ve always had good luck with that for some reason). Every two or three days, give him a bloodworm or two in place of his evening meal.

    Bettas do not get very big. Some can be perfectly healthy and still be ‘petite’. I’d say the average body size, not including their fins, to be about 1.5 inches. However, I have a whopper named Bubba whose body is probably almost 3 inches long and an inch wide. O_O (But when I adopted Bubba from a friend who’s gone off to college, he was already that size).

  • Big Betta Fish

  • A betta lives About 2 to 3 years. The larger the bowl you have your betta in the longer he will grow. My betta is a good 3 inches long.

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    How large and how long do Betta fish grow and Live?

    what food can make them grow bigger if any.

  • most bettas live about 3 years from birth. but when you get them from local fish stores they are often old males. so a few months. to a year.

    there are reports of 9 year old bettas but these fishes get alot of special care.

    bettas will usually get about 3 inches. But breeders bred gaint bettas which can get to about 8-9 inches. while you will not find these fishes at a lfs, you will need to order them from a breeder.

  • about 2 inches i had mine for like just over 2 years and he is still alive

  • they live 2 years average they will grow two to three inches tailfin and all if you keep your bowl clean every week.

  • an inch long maybe a lil longer . i bought one for my mom and he lived 4 yrs. she actually got the little bugger to eat flakes from her fingers

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