How long can hot dogs stay unrefrigerated?

I bought a pack of hot dogs a few nights ago and forgot to put them away. They’ve been in the house, between about 52 and 62 degrees, unoƿє-ṅєd. Could they still be good? I’m hungry.

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  • nobody knows

    same for what they are made out of

    "when in doubt throw it out" my mom said that

    if you are broke, just kind of burn em, to be safe

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  • It depends on how hot it is outside, but typically 4-6 hours is the normal amount of time food is safe to eat out of the fridge. After that, you risk harmful bacteria growing & contaminating it.

  • Dont u have any thing else to eat, like bread, butter, jam? if u r insisting to eat those hot dogs & the smell from it is not stopping u to eat….then go ahead…. we will be waiting for another question from u in this forum about "vomiting/diarrhoes after hot dogs";)

  • Hot dogs left out of the refrigerator and left in plain view do not last long at our house—rarely until the end of the day..

  • No, throw them away. Technically, you can leave potentially hazardous food in the danger zone (41F-140F) for up to four hours before you have to toss it, but I personally don’t go past 20 minutes, and yours have been there for a few days.

    Source(s): Culinary grad, executive Chef, ServSafe certified, certified foodhandler
  • Any food should be refrigerated within 2 hours. You have harmful bacteria growing.

  • I sometimes leave them out for weeks and still eat them with no problems sometimes they get this film build up and i just wash them off, but if they get mold i throw them away.

  • Two hours is the limit. When in doubt, throw it out.

  • their probably still good. try a bit lol or boil them up and eat up….. i dont think they can go bad if they arent out for more than a week

  • There sure a lot of people here who don’t put their groceries away.

    Don’t eat them.

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