How long can Ringneck Snakes go without food?

I found a milk snake and a northern ringneck snake 2 days ago. I released my milk snake . But my ringneck died :(. I buried him but im just wondering how long can they go without food cuz i only had him for 2 days. Could it be when i got him he hasnt eaten for a while ?Please let me know how long ringnecks can go without food

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  • Ringnecks don’t do well in captivity. I had one once when I was younger, and it refused to eat, so we turned it loose. I later found out via some field guide that it’s common for them to not eat when kept in a tank, for whatever reason – most likely because they have such a secretive disposition and don’t react well to being taken out of their natural environs, especially when rocks or some other type of shelter haven’t been properly provided (Ringnecks are hiders and rarely do they come out in the open; to force them from their shelter stresses them).

    All that aside, the snake you found might have had other issues that caused it to kick the bucket so soon. There’s really no way of telling, short of hiring an experienced vet and/or herp to somehow perform an autopsy. Usually a snake can go without food for several weeks if it needs to.

    I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it.

  • The snake did not starve to death.

    It most likely died because something was very, very wrong about the way you were keeping it.

  • weeks…they seem to like small earthworms

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