how long does a pekingese stay in heat? how long do i have to breed her?

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  • If you don’t know the answer to that question, then you have NO business breeding your dog. Do her a favour and get her spayed.

  • 21 days is the average heat cycle for most dogs. Start breeding her at the 7th day after her heat cycle begins. Introduce her to the male every day until she takes. Save your money for the potential C-section that many in this breed requires because of its big head and small hips. I’m with the others get some education before you even attempt to breed your pekingese.

  • If you need to ask these questions you should not breed her. Like all female dogs they are in heat for 3 weeks.

    Peke’s are very hard to breed as are all toy dogs, That flat face of theirs makes things even worse.

    If you do go agead with this be sure to have at least a couple of thousand dollars on hand as you will no doubt need it.

  • Any dog goes into heat for 3 weeks and they are receptive to a male after their bleeding stops and the vulva has stopped enlarging itself in preparation to be bred. When she is ready to be bred you will know by testing her around a stud dog. If she snaps at him and tries to bite him then she is not ready yet. Just try her at a different day during her second week of the heat cycle and before she comes out of her heat cycle in her 3rd week.

  • Good breeders know the answer to this question. You are a pet owner, not a breeder. For further information on breeding, read the following websites [AKA: Educate yourself]:

  • You DON’T have to breed her.It’s MUCH preferred that you don’t.You are taking years off of her life.Please don’t breed her.If you feel that you must,ask your vet,you’ll be seeing him alot over the next couple months,he knows more than anyone on here.

  • If you have to ask this question, you have no business breeding dogs. Period.

  • 6 months till it gets out of heat

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