How long does a spider takes to form its cob web?

most accurate answer would be chosen by me (:

2 Answers

  • thousands of species

    not all make webs

    those that do can vary from half hour to one day

    depending the specie

    some live in caves and only make doors

    other only hang on a thread

    other make temporary little webs

    others make huge webs to last for weeks

    some make a web when they all combine (gossamer)

    some just walk and hunt (wolf spiders ,tarantulas)

    you should make a question much more specific

    also it differs from climate.

    or humidity

    bird spiders make huge nets between trees

    that take maybe several days to make

    when the web is a cobweb ,it is not used by the spider any more,they are old abandoned webs full of dust

  • Cob webs aren't made by spiders. They are dust accumulations.

    Spider webs vary by species, so it's impossible to say how long it takes unless you specify which species.

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