How long does dental numbing last?

I had a filling this morning and my mouth/tooth was numbed. This was about 2 hours ago maybe just over that and still feels very numb. How long does it normally take?Wish I’d have just had it done without numbing now. Can I eat and drink while it’s like this? I’m thinking soup rather than food u have to chew?

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  • How long the numbing sensation will last depends on 2 factors: how much the dentist used in the first place, and how you personally react to the medicine. It wears off faster in some people than in others. Typically, it will last about 4-6 hours from when you received the injection, so you might have another hour or two to go. It would be highly unusual if it lasts beyond the day.

    You should chew on the other side of your mouth for today and tomorrow. But be careful of soup. You need to avoid anything really hot for a day or two. It’s fine if you want to eat soup, but let it cool first until it is only slightly warm. Otherwise, stick to soft foods. Bananas instead of apples. Peas instead of celery and raw carrots. No thick steaks, no popcorn. That’s just for the first couple of days. After that, you can eat normally.

  • In 2 – 3 hours the numbness should be gone.

  • Depending on the anesthetic the DDS used it should take anywhere between 2-4 maybe more if the DDS gave you more than one carpule. If it is an upper tooth you should be fine to eat whatever you want. Unless it is a silver filling and if it is then wait until dinner to chew on that side. If it is your lower tooth I would wait until you are completely unnumbed. The reason for that is you don’t want to bite yourself. That is really the only reason we tell out patients not to eat afterwards.

  • you will certainly be waiting to play, the injection lasts approximately 4-5 hours, your no longer drowsy or something, the only issues you cant do are eating and eating. you will dribble like there is not any the next day as you cant experience your mouth! I had 4 extractions 2 weeks in the past in training for braces, and believe me, you are able to no longer experience a factor…despite in case you slap your longer cautioned.. i attempted this..So yeah, you will possibly play yet merely be sure which you do placed on a gum-shelter.

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