how long does it take for hot glue from a hot glue gun to dry?

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  • It sets up pretty fast depending on thickness (5-30 seconds, but its a gradual process). But, glue extruded from *high-temp* glue gun will take longer than glue extruded from a *low temp* glue gun (the glue sticks will usually be the same, but the guns are different).

    Tip… for extra strength, you can put down dots or lines of permanent white glue (Elmers GlueAll, tacky glue, etc), then quickly apply the glue gun glue (not on top of the white glue though). The glue gun glue will hold the areas immediately while the white glue dries and provides an even stronger bond.


    Diane B.

  • About 30 seconds.

  • 15-45 seconds. It depends on what you’re gluing. Good Luck!

  • Yep. Less than a minute unless you’re using gobs of it. Then it might take a couple minutes.

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