How long does it take for your UGGS to dry?

well i washed my UGGS earlier today and now they look all brown and nasty. (i have the chesnut ones). anyways, how long will it take them to dry?

and please dont tell me i shouldnt have washed them because i have this special cleaning supply that allows you to wash them.

but now my UGGS look creepy and brown.

will it go back to its color?

p l e a s e help! and thanks(:

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  • You shouldn’t use a hair dryer on them, you should let them dry naturally without direct sunlight or direct heat.

    When drying naturally you should wait about a day, but usually 6-8 hours they are their normal color again if they’re dry.

  • Hi once I was at a concert and it was raining and I had to run through the rain in my uggs and they were soaking wet. I had to wait a day until they were dry but once the were dry they were stiff so I suggest just waiting a few days. Also they might lose some color because you arent suppose to wash the uggs because the cleaning supply thing is for you to clean the uggs if any stains get on them.

    Hope this helps =)

  • Long Uggs

  • I have some UGGs of my own, and it’s best that you not get ANY water on them at all. The water causes them to turn into a nasty brownish color like you’re describing. But for future reference, I would recommend that you buy Scotch Gaurd Spray and put that on them or any shoes where you have leather suede, it’s especially good for Puma’s too! This spray works as a water repellent, so instead of absorbing the water, it will just fall off the shoes as little droplets. I learned my lesson the hard way just like you did, so don’t feel bad because you’re not alone!

  • My sister has a pair, and she has them cleaned at the dry cleaners. They don’t dry fast, and placing them in the dryer will ruin them. My mom invested in a boot warmer-dryer and its excellent. Invest in one, for drying your Uggs and next time don’t wash them. Uggs are really delicate so I’m not really sure if they will go back to original color, but I assume yes.

  • Um I put my uggs In the dryer to dry was that a bad idea ????

  • in my cleaning kit it said to leave them to dry for 24 hours and after that to use the brush to brush them over in the same direction

    once i brushed mine my chestnut uggs went much lighter and back to their normal colour

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  • let them wait 24 hours!

    and whatever you do, DONT try to dry them with a hairdryer, or anything else like that.. they need to air dry!


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