how long does it take to chnage a transmission fluid? on a car?

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  • to change the transmission fluid,draining,taking the bolts off,changing the filter,putting a new gasket,tightening the bolts,putting in new transmission fluid.

    about2 to 2 1/2 hours.

  • This depends on the vehicle. Most cars do not have a drain plug, so the transmission pan must be removed and cleaned. This can take at least an hour. Also if there is a filter, it’s usually inside the pan. Many shops now want to do a “flush” or fluid exchange, where they hook up to one of your cooling hoses and suck out the old fluid while running new fluid in. This ignores the filter and possible debris in the pan. A lot can be learned about the condition of the transmission by inspecting the pan, so this may not be the best approach. It does get all the old fluid out, though. whereas a drop-pan change only actually changes about 1/3 of it. Bear in mind that not all modern automatics actually have a replaceable filter, and some don’t actually have a pan to remove.

  • to run the transmission up to temp about 15-20 Min’s city driving.

    to drain into a decent heat proof container( fluid generally runs up to about 80-90 degrees ) 5-10 Min’s assuming that there is a drain plug! (if not then it’s pretty much disconnect a pipe or garage and syphon through the dipstick aperture as seems to be the fashion lately)

    to refill 10 Min’s idle it for about 5 Min’s then recheck level and top up accordingly

  • Depends entirely on the car. To drop and change the atf oil on my BMW takes 15 minutes max, quick run then check level. However taking all the undertrays off to get at the box and then replacing takes about 30-40 mins.

  • At home yourself – if you are able to get under the car to drain and refill it WITH THE CAR FLAT AND LEVEL it is a very quick job.

    If you cannot do the above then its a garage job

  • i have done it for about 12 hours,

    7 plus hours taking it out and 5 putting it back in doing it yourself

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