How long does it take to get (fly) to Hawaii from LAX?

How long does it take to fly from Los Angeles to hawaii.

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  • Approx. 5 hrs. If you’re going to one of the smaller islands you may have to land in Oahu and take an inter-island flight which usually is only 30 minutes of airtime, but you do have the wait at the airport.

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  • Los Angeles to Hawaii (LAX – HNL): Cheapest airfares from Los Angeles to Hawaii start around $300. Flight time from LAX to Hawaii is 5 hrs. American, Northwest, United and Hawaiian Airlines are all airlines that fly from LAX to Honolulu.…

  • It takes approximately 5 hours 20 minutes the normal speed. It has almost the same flight time to New York, just because both cities from origin has like 20 miles difference or 15. But if you go stop to another destination, it takes approximately 6 hours to even 7 hours depending on how long the plane doesn’t move

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  • I flew to Hawaii, the most gorgeous place on earth, from New jersey, and that flight was about 10-11 hours. From South Dakota, I would estimate about 9 hours. Enjoy your trip! You’ll never want to leave lol

  • I take this flight quite often, and its a little over 5 hours.

    I have flown American, United, Delta, and Hawaiian to Honolulu.

  • Haven’t ever thought about it in that way to be honest


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