how long does it take to walk 50 miles?

hopefully, less than half a day. from where i live, it cost $106 for a taxi to drive me 50 miles. too expensive, i am thinking about walking or riding a bike. i am gonna have to walk throughout the whole interstate highway in my city most of the way.

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  • ok first of all, the place u need to get to is probably 50 miles through the freeway and much much longer if you walk locally. It takes an average marathon runner 5 hours to run 26 miles that means average 10 hours to run 50 miles(if they keep same pace), thats 5 mph jogging constantly, you probably would walk about 2-3 miles per hour which is still a little faster than a normal relaxed walk if you do the math it should take about 12-16 hours to walk 50 miles. So its not worth it and biking 50 miles a day is not reasonable so just buy a really cheap car

    btw randy said he walked not fast not slow 2-3 miles in 10 minutes, thats bull cuz that means he "walked" 1 mile in about 5 minutes, his calculations are all wrong

  • 50 Mile Walk

  • You can totally bike it! You might want to try some practice rides first to test it out, but 50 miles is easy. Last summer on a bike ride from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Antigo, Wisconsin I biked 80 miles the first day, and 50-70 miles a day for the rest of the trip. You can bike about 10-12 miles per hour if you’re not really in shape (like me, I’m 5’6 and 185 pounds), faster if you’ve done distance biking training, so 50 miles should take you 4-5 hours.

  • If you bike OR walk you need to consider the fact that you will be doing 100 miles not 50….

  • At an average walking speed of 3mph it would take you around 16 hours and 30 min to walk 50 miles

  • well it takes me about 15 minutes to run two miles so, lets say 10 minutes a mile walking, thats five hundred minutes, so about 8 hours, how bout riding your bike instead, itll be alot faster, with about the same endurance

  • I’m 6’0 and in shape and 3.5 miles takes me about an hour. If you’re meeting someone, I highly suggest a bike.

  • If you can physically do it…

    But hypothetically, if you walked at a rate of like 3 mph, it would take you roughly a little bit below 17 hours, so I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you want to try to make it back in the same day.

  • Go for kettlebell workouts — an average burns 400 calories in 20 units.

  • Make sure you obtain at least seven hours of sleep every night. Being tired makes for skipped workouts and extra snacking.

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