How long does it take to write a 15 page essay?

12 pt, times new roman, double spaced, MLA style?

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  • It really depends on what kind of quality paper you want to have in the end.

    I’m sure you can write it haphazardly easily in an hour. But if you really want a good grade on your paper, it is well-worth all the time and the effort that you put into it… both the research that you have, the organizing, the writing of the draft, the typing, the revising….

    And it also depend on how good a writer you are. Some people take a long time, others not so long.

    If you start thinking right now, or researching or organizing your thoughts… you will be that much closer to finishing than if you didn’t start.

    Good luck!

  • 15 Page Research Paper

  • It really depends on your individual ability and the amount of work, and thought, you put into organizing the paper from the get go. What’s your topic? How well do you write? How much research have you completed?

    Generally, I complete my research before I ever begin the paper. However, I always find myself searching for some added detail in the rewrite. That given, I can write an average of four pages per hour (college level).

    Some people are better writers putting pen to paper… I like to “write” at my keyboard. Saves time in editing.

  • Yes. It was required in my old H.S. to write an essay containing 15-30 pages I believe. All seniors were required to do it. The topic used to be about the JFK assassination but now they do it on 9/11. But like the girl above me said its good practice for college!

  • if you know what you are writing ( the research is finished and you have a hand written first draft) if you are an average typist, i would say that typing will be between 4 and 5 hours, assuming that footnotes are not required.

  • I have a dictation program, so- if I know the general direction I want to go with the topic- no more than an hour.

  • It doesn’t matter what size type or what font is used. If you have writer’s block, it can take a week or more. If you are truly inspired, you can sit down, start typing and whip it out in no time at all. (At my speed, which was last tested at 90 wpm, I can type 22 pages in an hour.)

  • Back in grad school it would take me 7-8 hours if I had all of my research in front of me.

  • depends on you personaly. for me it’ll take about 10hrs none stoping for it to be finish and done. Though I divided it into many days.

  • depends on how fast you type if pre-written and just want to type then 30 min to 1hr but if it is not pre-written then 2hr to 3hr depending on what you are trying to make up

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