How long does it take you to read 10 pages of a novel?

Idk, Harry Potter text lol

lol, wtf it takes me approx. 25 mins -.-

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  • I can read 450 wpm...the average novel has 250 words per page...that means it will take me about 5-10 minutes to read 10 pages of a novel.

  • I'm a ridiculously fast reader, so depending on the text size, maybe 3-5 minutes. For example, it'll take me maybe 2-3 hours to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    And with Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, which was a 850 page novel I think, it took me about 4 hours.

  • I cannot really give a time. I'm an extremely slow reader. Not because of lack of comprehension, but because my brain does something weird when I read novels. I take almost every word and literally imagine it.

    Ten pages? I'll try to guess...umm... probably more than an hour, depends on font size, how much I'm into the fic and other environmental external factors which are out of my control. i.e. if somebody is watching television too loudly or keeps trying to talk to me or my phone is being blown up.


  • Depends on the formatting of the novel?

    Probably about 2-10 minutes, so let's call the average 6 minutes.

  • It took me 8 minutes 40 seconds not rushing.

    -Edit- I was reading Perfect, the Pretty Little Liars novel, if you want to know the text.

  • I take my time, probably 20 minutes, im never in a rush reading a novel.

  • 10 - 15 minutes.

  • 10 minutes or so. it takes me about 7 hours to finished a 750+ pages so, yeah, i guess it's about 10 minutes or under 🙂

  • 15 mins

  • since sadly im a slow *** reader and i have to understand what i read so i end up reading things twice alot,

    i think it would take me a good 25 minutes usualy

    it really sucks haha


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