How long does mirin last after opening?

should i keep it in the fridge? and.. is it one of the food which last almost forever like worchester sauce, ketchup etc? and.. i also bought a sake, how long does it last? i bough it only for cooking so i doesn’t care about who say that sake should be drink within 2 hours o so, because i am not going to drink it, just use it for cooking

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  • I don’t know about forever, but both sake and mirin last at least as long as ketchup if you keep them in the fridge. Strictly speaking, they don’t even need to be in the fridge when the weather isn’t hot, but they keep better there. Same for shoyu (soy sauce).

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  • They’re mildly alcoholic, so they keep well. There’s no ‘use within X days of opening’ on them, same as on wine. As said, watch for the use by date, and keep in a cool cupboard or the fridge if you prefer. That’s all.

    Source(s): My mirin doesn’t get used often, nor my cooking sake, nor my wine. I keep them all in a cupboard and just use them when I need them. Sometimes I’ve got a bottle of these things that’s been open for months, and it’s always as good as it should be.

    Last I heard ketchup had to be used within a certain number of weeks after opening though, and kept in the fridge.

  • Expiration date is written on its labels. You need to check it.

    No food lasts forever.

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