How long does the average middle school relationship last?

How long has your longest middle school relationship been? Can middle school relationships last until high school if they started in 7th grade? My boyfriend and I started going out in January, and we have such a strong connection its incredible. I want to know if its possible to last at least until high school, because we really love each other.

Oh, and for those of you who didn't feel like taking the time to figure out how long we have been going out for, its going to be two months in about two days. 🙂

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  • I'm sure you and he are wonderful together, and sure, it's possible that you'll spend your lives together.

    Two couples I know met, and got together freshman year in high school; it's been 16 years, and they're both married with kids, now. But that's not the norm, so don't expect it.

    Live your life, take what comes. Learn from the bad as much as the good. And don't sweat it if this relationship doesn't last. You're young yet.

  • Umm so I'm really getting a little mad at all these people here saying "there's no such thing as middleschool dating". Yes that's probably 95% true, but there's actually real relationships happening right now, that could actually continue for a long time, including mine. I have been in a "middleschool relationship " for a YEAR AND A MONTH. No, auto correct didn't say that. And mine doesn't include babyish things like nervous hugs. And if you still insist on saying middleschool love doesn't exist, well I guess that two movie dates, a restaurant date, going to each others houses countless times, holding hands, hugging, cuddling, nearly kissing, and staying committed even when someone moves to the other side of the freaking country isn't a real relationship. Oh also, I'm going to get plane tickets to see him during winter break for five nights. And if you're wondering my age, I am thirteen. And to those couples with a relationship like mine, good for you! You're never too young for love!

  • I am in 7th grade right now and my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 7 months. We have been dating since 6th grade. Middle school dating is not just a close friendship. It's more then that. Some middle school relationships are like that but some are real relationships. If you find the right person, you will have a long lasting relationship. If you do more then just talk, it's a real relationship. Hope I answer your question 🙂

  • Honestly I'm in middle school and relationships don't last long. In middle school there is no such thing as dating, your just really close friends with someone and you call that dating. You probably will be put to upset to easily because middle schoolers don't know how to put up with an relationship. Like me, friends have "dated" other people that I like and it just is terrible. Not only you might have to go through a depression stage but friends do to.

  • Most middle school relationships last between a couple of days and a month. In middle school its confusing because you think you love somebody and it might not be true love. You may think it is but it ends up not being what you expected. It is possible that you last that long its just unlikely. But if you care about him that much than go ahead and prove me wrong. Good luck with everything!

  • From what I can tell, the average relationship in middle school lasts about two weeks. 😛

    Keep up the good work!

  • when I was in 6th grade I lasted in a relationship that lasted 7 months .

    Every one says that many middle schoolers & high schoolers shouldnt even be dating because we wont last & blah blah blah , but that's not really true .

    It just depends on the person , but a lot of kids in middle school get tired of their boyfriend or girlfriend too easily .

  • 4 months but only because middle school is full of immaturity and drama...which will also follow you to high school. its possible to last from 7th to high school though a few of my friends did it. but i wouldn't throw around your "love" too much. it makes a lot of things more serious and shouldn't be used on a 2 month crush that you just really like at the moment...

    but if you really think that then good job maybe you've found the one 🙂

  • A few days to a few weeks. Kids your age really can't date, you aren't mature enough. If you treat your relationship with your boyfriend like a close friendship, then you have a shot of making it to high school together. The problems will come up if you take things too seriously and try to move too fast.

  • It's possible I know 6 couples that have made I from 8th grade. I've got the same thing going on with me and I've been with my girl friend 6 months and when people say I don't know what love is I get really mad and upset.

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