How long does watermelon last after it has been cut open?

I sliced open my watermelon sunday night 8/12/2007 and put it in the fridge. Is it still good to eat and if it is how long will it stay good? Thanks

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  • I wouldn’t let it go more than 3-5 days. The flavor will be off and it won’t be as sweet. Sometimes it gets really mushy or slimey.

    Always make sure after you cut it open that you put plastic wrap around it or cube it up and put it in a plastic container that has a lid w/ a good seal before you put it in the refridgerator.

  • Watermelon Refrigerator

  • At least a week. However, I went to get a slice of ours yesterday, and someone had shoved the plate with it too far back in the fridge, and over half of it froze! I was SO sad – and it was on sale, which is why I bought a whole one!

  • If its wrapped up in some foil or saran wrap,possibly about 3 days to a week.

  • if you’re really worried about it, cut a very small portion then taste it. if it doesn’t taste like how a watermelon tastes like, then throw it out.

    and as they say, when in doubt, throw it out! ü

  • depends what condition the melon is in when you get it, I’d say no more then 4-5 days, then it starts to get funky.

  • I’d say about a week.

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