How long it takes for a muscle strain to heal completely?

So I had a strain in my front deltoid near pecs and I have been going to a PT the pain is gone I can move my shoulder in all side I do 10 push ups 3 times a day but I still feel its tight not relaxed like the other shoulder and weak so when would those feelings disappear and heal?

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  • odds are, the problem is a neurogenic anterior delt weakness, something your medic and pt are totally clueless about, so it won’t. in fact, you can expect it to worsen with time if that is the case. in addition, in most all cases, the tendon of the long head of the biceps tendon will slip out of it’s sulcus in the humeral head medially as the humerus drops and rotates laterally due to the ant. delt. weakness. the cause needs to be corrected. the only person with the knowledge and skills to do that is an upper cervical specific chiropractor, such as an hio method practitioner.

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