How long it takes to walk 0.6 miles,that would be the distance between my new house and my girl’s schools?

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  • Most people can walk three miles in an hour, so we are looking at about 12 or so minutes

  • It would take me 16-17 minutes to walk that distance.

    19 minutes 30 seconds is the minimum time to RUN 2 miles to graduate from the Army Basic Combat Training (female ages 17-21). So that's if you are in good shape. That's 9 min 45 seconds per mile RUNNING.

    To RUN 0.6 mile at this rate would take 5 minutes and 51 seconds. That's running.

    I WALK 2.2 miles per hour. The 0.6 miles would take me 16-17 minutes.

    The person who said that if 0.6 miles takes you more than 5 mins to walk it then you should start excercising should take a course in reality (or get a calibrated pedometer and watch).

  • I m only thirteen and I jog (with a little walking for about 0.05 miles) 0.6 miles around my neighborhood and it only takes me around 7 minutes or so. Google maps says walking take around 12 minutes. If you re walking alone I think 12 minutes is a good time, if you re walking with kids (especially younger ones) I think it could take somewhere between 15-20 minutes depending on age, athleticism, etc.

  • A mile takes about 12-15 minutes to walk so so .6 miles would take 5-9 minutes ish

  • Well an adult walks 6km/h (i converted dont worry, i know you had miles) so around 10 minutes for an adult. A child would take 5 minutes more.

  • What Is 0.6 Miles

  • If they're walking at 3 mph (adults usually walk around 3.5, if they're trying to get somewhere quickly) it should take them 12 minutes. If they're quite young it'll take longer of course. I'd allow 15-20 minutes.

  • roughly about eight minutes without stopping at a normal walking pace

  • about 2 minutes if you're a good runner

    maybe 5-10 minutes if you walk

  • 10 minutes.

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