how long past expiration is Almond Bark good for?

The almond bark is unoƿє-ṅєd and was never frozen. It expired December 2011.

I was planning on making almond bark pretzels and cookies this year for Christmas.

Can I still use this almond bark safely?

1 Answer

  • Safely, yes.

    How long it stores depends on how warm and bright its storage location was. “Best by” dates just mean that the manufacturer guarantees the product to be at its best until that date. Food that is stored cool and dark can last well beyond the package date, especially something like almond bark.

    The biggest problem almond bark will get with age is the oils in it going rancid. That’s easy to find out about, by smell and by taste. (It won’t poison you, just taste bad.)

    Melt a little bit of it. Smell it. If it smells bad, don’t use it b/c it’ll taste bad too. If it smells fine, taste some. If it tastes fine, it is fine.

    Good luck!

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