How long should I set my laptop’s sleep timer for?

I have Windows 7 and I currently have my laptop set to turn off the display after 10 minutes, put the computer to sleep after 15 minutes and hibernate after 6 hours. Throughout the day, I’m frequently away from my laptop for more than 15 minutes (like if I’m taking a shower, having dinner, laying down to rest, etc.). Because of this, my laptop is going through lots of sleep-wake cycles every day.

I’ve heard that thermal cycling is bad for electrical components in the long run, so I’m wondering what the optimal time is, for my situation, to set the sleep timer to, since the 15 minutes that the sleep timer is currently set to has the laptop turning on and off frequently throughout the day. Also, is there an optimal time to set the dim display and hibernate to? I want to maximize the lifetime of my laptop.

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