how long until RTX 3000 cards go back to normal price?

and do you think nvidia or any other places will ever give into regulating supply or is everyone just going to be greedy about it selling $500 cards for $2000

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  • Right now there’s a materials shortage which extends beyond Silicon. The materials that are needed to make the PCB/Substrate are also in short supply. There are also tariffs but this is only something people in North America have to worry about. Finally, the demand for Graphics cards is through the roof thanks to Cryptocurrency mining making a comeback. To make matters worse, now you’re dealing with scalpers that are only buying graphics cards to resale the card for a nice, fat profit. 

    Since there are so many factors at play, it might be a year or 2 before you see a Graphics card at it’s MSRP. Now, I think the RTX 3000 series is the lost generation. The last time I remember seeing Graphics cards at a good price, with a good selection of cards that were a good value was around May of 2017. That’s before Ethereum mining took off and became highly profitable. While there were no problems getting an RTX 2000 series card, for the most part none of what the 20-series had to offer was a good value. 

  • Let me consult my crystal ball

  • next year — maybe.  Nvidia and AMD are trying to hire more fab space to increase production, but there is a world wide shortage

  • The problem is supply and demand, at the moment there is a world shortage of silicon chips not just graphics chips, but the automotive industry and others. In fact the graphic chip industry is only a tiny fraction of total sales so don’t expect any change soon. This is due to manufacturing problems and Covid. We have no idea how long it will be before supply stabilises. So asking such a question is pointless

  • thats up to whoever makes them

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