how long would it take to drive 22 miles?

going from around 60-70 miles, on the interstate?

i ꜱᴜcκk at math,

so someone help please(:

6 Answers

  • if you are going 60, then it would take 22 minutes i believe.

  • Just remember, if you go 60 miles per hour, you are going 1 mile a minute. (1 hour is 60 minutes, 60miles / 60 minutes)

    22 miles 22 minutes

    If you are going 70, it won’t take as long.

    You need to learn math.

  • at 30 miles per hour 40 mins

  • 60 miles per hour. 60 minutes in an hour. One mile per minute.

  • not long at all. like a half hour or less

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