How long would it take to walk 0.8 miles?

just approximate for me thanks!

31 Answers

  • 10-15 minutes depending on leg length, stride speed, traffic, terrain, and who know what all else.

  • It would be safe to say that it will probably take around 10 minutes. It takes me about 12 minutes walk a mile on the track.

  • Well the average is 3 miles in a hour so 15, 20 mins

  • average speed 3 mph, not slow but still just walking,

    20 min. per mile, so to walk 4 fifths of that= 16 min.

    so .8 miles in 16 minutes

  • 10 to 15 minutes

  • About 10 minutes. I was surprised to find out how much distance you can cover by walking for a short time. I once had an emergency in Rocky Mtn. National Park and had to walk up the mountain to find a park ranger. I thought I had gone a 1/4 mile, and it turned out I had walked 4.5 miles up the mountain.

  • About 12-16 minutes. 3-4 mph is a typical walking speed.

  • should be able to walk one mile in 15 min. so i would assume about 10 min for 0.8 ?

  • 0.8 Miles In Km

  • Approximatively 10-20 walking slowly. If you walk fast, its like 5-10.

  • I would say about 15-30 mins. My driveway is 0.3 miles and it takes about 5 mins to walk down it. I guess it just depends on how fast you walk. =)

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