How long would it take to walk as far as the sun?

At an average walking pace, and assuming that the earth stayed in one place vis a vis the sun, and that there was something to walk on, and that you could breathe, and that you didn’t burn up, and that you never took a break to go to the bathroom or something. How long roughly?

Wow that’s a long time. And to think I had all the gear ready…

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  • It would take several human lifetimes. and it would have to be a relay race rather than a one-man marathon. (though quite how your great great great … grandchildren would get to the intermediate points on the journey to take over from their parents, remains unexplained … perhaps each generation carries the next, as papooses, round their necks?

    93 million miles at 4 mph = 23,250,000 hours

    = 969,750 days

    = 2,654 years

    Assuming each member of the relay team walked from age 20 to age 70 i.e. for 50 years (without sleep) you would need 53 relay team members and the 54th could put in a sprint finish to knock off the last lap or two in record time.

    You could reduce this to 18 relay members if they could run and they were to average 12 mph (the speed needed to run a marathon in 2 hours and a few minutes) but somehow I don’t think you would get many takers, and I also doubt that anyone could run non-stop at marathon speeds for 50 years without a break!

    It’s a long, long way to Tipperary

    But my heart’s right there!

  • First of all, the sun is ninety three million miles from earth, and if you walk at a speed of one mile per hour, it would take you ninety three million hours.

    In other words you would not have enough time in one life time to walk the distance to the sun.

    Now if you could walk really fast, lets say at the speed of light, then it would only take you eight minutes to cover the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

  • If it is about 150,000,000 kilometers to the sun from Earth, and the average walking speed is 4-5 kilometers per hour (we’ll use 4.5 kph) then it would take:

    33,333,333 (33 1/3 million) hours to walk to the sun.

    That would be about 1,388,888 days or about 3,805 years.

    The present world lifespan is 67 years – it would take almost 57 lifetimes to walk to the sun.

  • The distance to the sun is one Astronomical Unit, or AU.

    One AU = 92,955,807 miles.

    If you walked around the clock and never stopped for a break, at a brisk 3 mph., it would cover 72 miles a day, 26,280 miles per year, and a total of 3,537.1311 years.

    If you could travel at the speed of light, it would take 8.317 minutes.

  • The sun is 93 million miles away,so probably a life time.

  • It’s 90-some million miles. You walk 3 mph. 30 million hours or so. A year is 8766 hours. 30 million divided by 8766 is about 3400 – 3500 years.

    It would take a while.

  • Avg walking speed for Men: 3.5 m/h, women: 3 m/h

    Distance to sun: 92,955,820.5 miles

    Time (man) = 26,558,805.86 hours (approx. 1,106,617 days)

    (woman) = 30,985,273.5 hours (approx. 1,291,053 days)

  • even a jet can take a years to reach the sun…

    walking, I think youre dead..

  • the distance is d=149,600,000 km

    your speed is about u=5km/h

    so the time is t=d/u=2992000h=3415.525 years

  • Forever….

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