how many american dollars does 1000 yen equal?

YAY, im planning a trip to japan and im trying to find out what the ratio is. please help!


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  • Awesome! So, I just looked up 1000 yen on Google (converted into US currency) and the answer turned out to be 12.0438 US Dollars. I checked the first link (well, graph lol) that I provided below and I found the conversion. Just type in any amount of yen in the box to get your result :); or just click on the graph to see the ratio. I hope this helps and I hope you have an exciting trip! 😀

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  • 1000 Yen

  • 1000 Yen To Usd

  • Remember that the rates you see on currency exchange sites are the interbank exchange rates, the actual exchange rate you might get might be a dollar or so off.

    Essentially in the past a good ratio to think of things was think 100 yen = 1 dollar.

    The actual exchange rate is something like 82/83 = 1 dollar , however to make quick conversions in your head use the 100yen = 1 dollar in your head.

    So 1000yen is 10 us dollars using this rough conversion method.

    The actual rate is 1000 yen equals about 12 dollars.

    83 yen = 1 dollar.

    However if you don’t have a calculator, and if you don’t have the daily exchange rate, use the 100yen = 1 us dollar method and it will give you a “rough estimate”.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    how many american dollars does 1000 yen equal?

    YAY, im planning a trip to japan and im trying to find out what the ratio is. please help!


  • 1000 yen is equal to 12.02 American dollars.

    Hope that helped.. Have a good trip 🙂

  • The best website to use for currency conversion is

    At current rates 1000 yen equals USD$12.0228.

  • Hey i’m here for the first time. I came across this question and I find the replies truly helpful. I am hoping to offer something back and assist others too.

  • Welcome to MOSQUE, the Ministry Of Silly QUEstions. We are here to serve.

    Please know that we say “YAY!!!” Also. But your question has been plopped on our desk, well, because it is silly. Why? Well, you plan on taking a trip to a foreign country but seem to be unable to use a browser to find out simply information on exchange rates. Things are going to get MUCH more difficult when you have to find the correct train to board.

    So, get a good start on reality, and thus eliminating some silliness, and learn how to Google a currency converter and do things for yourself because there isn’t going to be anyone to take you by the hand and lead you around over here. We at the Ministry WILL answer further silly questions from you, but once you are in-country, the response time will probably prove to be inappropriately long, leaving you standing around a train station for several hours waiting for our response.

    So to get started…..

    1- Open your browser

    2- Using the search engine of your choice type in ‘currency converter’

    3- Follow one of the links and use said currency converter.

  • 1,000.00 JPY = 12.0228 USD

    1 JPY = 0.0120228 USD 1 USD = 83.1750 JPY

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