how many beers are in a gallon?

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  • 10 2/3 12 ounce beers in a gallon

  • A gallon = 128 ounces and a beer = 12 ounces, so there are 10 2/3 beers in a gallon. (128/12)

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    how many beers are in a gallon?

  • well, if you are referring to a 12oz can or bottle

    a gallon is 128 oz, so

    128/12 = 10.666666

    10 and 2/3 beers.

  • A gallon is 128 ounces. If your beer comes in 12 ounce cans/bottles you will need about 10 & a half cans/bottles.

  • based on a 12 oz serving size

    10.6666 beers in a gallon

    55 beers in a 1/6 keg

    82 beers in a 1/4 keg

    164 beers in a 1/2 keg

    14 beers in a heineken draught keg

    3.33 beers in a 40oz beer

  • Exactly a gallons worth of beer.

  • In the uk there is 8 pints per gallon, 20 fl oz or 568ml per pint

  • I don't have an answer but I just wanted to thank you for making me actually laugh out loud!!!

    I'm gonna take a guess and say it all depends on the size of the "beer"!


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