How many binders do i need for 9th grade?

Should i just get a 3 inch binder and put everything there? or 1 inch binders for each class? i dont know which one and they didnt tell me the school supplies, and also i dont know how many subjects im gonna have because the school didnt give me the thing where you fill out and choose what classes you want to take. and for the notebooks, should i just get a 3 subject notebooks or 1 subject notebook?

5 Answers

  • Get an accordion folder and a single 1 inch binder for each core class (math, english, history, science). That means you only need 4.

    You’ll ALWAYS have these classes until maaaaybe senior year if you’re lucky. You probably wont need a binder for history or for english and you can use a regular notebook for it (a 5 Star spiralbound 5 subject notebook will last you the entire school year for a single class). So you’ll have a spare just in case.

  • It really depends on you in what your comfortable with and how much classes you have. You can have a much bigger binder that is for all of your classes. Another is have 2 binders that will suit you. A binder for the first half of your day and another binder on the second half like any classes after you have lunch. It would be a great idea to have a small bag too to put in extra books that you might have or a place for your binders and stuff. Hope this helps!

  • Go to the first day of school and find out how many classes you’re going to have, and then get a 1-inch binder for each class. For the first day of school, a folder and a notebook should be fine.

  • Get 9 or 10 1″ Binders – one for each subject.

  • I would get an organizer, it’s so much easier to carry around than a binder!!

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