how many books did paul write in the bible?

iam itying to find out about paul in the bible

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  • Paul wrote 13 books in the New Testament.


    1 Corinthians

    2 Corinthians





    1 Thessalonians

    2 Thessalonians

    1 Timothy

    2 Timothy



    No one really knows for certain who wrote Hebrews. If Paul wrote it as well, then he wrote 14 books.

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    how many books did paul write in the bible?

    iam itying to find out about paul in the bible

  • Here’s how to find the answer yourself so you’re not just taking our word for it. Go to the New Testament find Acts. Right after that comes Romans. Starting with Romans, go to each of the books and look at the full title. In some Bible translations, it will say “Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.” In others, it will say “a Letter of Paul to the Romans.” In others, it won’t give you these full titles, so you need to know how else to tell. Go to the first few verses of each book, starting with Romans and going on, and look there. Paul generally starts out by identifying himself pretty clearly. “Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus” is one way he does that. Look for his ‘I.D.’ at the beginning of the letter. If it’s not there, he probably didn’t write it. I think there are about 13 of them, also called the Pauline Epistles. If you just want a list (is this homework for a Bible class or are you just mainly curious?) email me by clicking on the name under my little grey smiley box over there and I’ll send you one. I don’t understand what you mean by “books, not letters” because all of the books we have by Paul in the NT were originally letters written by Paul to the newly planted churches in that area.

  • 13 book

  • 13


    The “letters” that Paul wrote are also called “Epistles” – each and all of which are called and considered to be “books” in the New Testament. There are 27 total books in the New Testament, 21 of which are epistles, or letters… The general consensus is that Paul wrote the following 14 “books” of the New Testament (again, ALL of which are letters, or epistles): Romans (letter to people in Rome, an overview of Christianity) 1 Corinthians (letter to church at Corinth) 2 Corinthians (2nd letter to church at Corinth) Galatians (letter to church at Galatia) Ephesians (letter to church at Ephesus) Philippians (letter to church at Philippi) Colossians (letter to the church at Colossae) 1 Thessalonians (letter to the church at Thessalonica) 2 Thessalonians (2nd letter to the church at Thessalonica) 1 Timothy (pastoral letter to Timothy) 2 Timothy (2nd pastoral letter to Timothy) Titus (pastoral letter to Titus) Philemon (letter to slave-owner, Philemon) *Hebrews (letter to the Hebrews) *Some people belive that Hebrews may not have been written by Paul, though most do credit this to Paul. The other letters have Paul’s name at the beginning, while Hebrews does not. – The only other books in the New Testament (13 total) were not written by Paul and include the following, with their respective authors: Matthew – written by Matthew Mark – written by Mark Luke and Acts – written by Luke John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Revelation – written by John James – written by James 1 Peter, 2 Peter – written by Peter Jude – written by Jude Hope this helps you! Grace and peace, yachadhoo 😉

  • how many bookds did paul write in the bible and what are they

  • totally impossible that Paul was illiterate..the guy studied under theee Greatest law teacher Gamiliel and while paul was saul he was known as the fearful and intelligent Saul the man who persecuted Gods children. this man did write 75% of the new testament…none of the men who wrote a book in the bible are illiterate…God used them to just write and they also didnt know what they were writing but they wrote under inspiration. Study your bible characters and you will see.

  • 14.

    Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatiams, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy,

    2 Timothy , Titus, Philomon, Hebrews

  • That my friends is an answer someone read in the New York Times or heard on. CNN special … No foundation in the answer so please ignore.

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