How many calories are in human fingernails?

ok i have an eating disorder (yeah i know i am working on getting over it don’t judge me)…but i bite my nails so i dont feel hungry,but then i got to thinking, are there any calories in my fingernails i am ingesting?

3 Answers

  • There are virtually no calories in fingernails.

    There are a lot of adverse side effects to biting and eating your nails. It doesn’t help your disorder at all, but in fact will make you even more malnourished.

  • Fingernails are made of protein.

    Proteins contain 4 calories per gram.

    So If you tore off all your fingernails AND toenails, washed them of excess blood and skin tissue, and ate them, at best you might consume… I’m not sure, maybe 30 calories or so?

    You’re working with a few different neurotic problems here. Couldn’t you use your anorexia neurosis to help quell the obsessive nail chewing neurosis? Not that calories is a good reason to avoid biting your nails, but at least you could get a manicure or something.

    I’m joking, of course, but for your own sake, use whatever tools you have available to reduce any neurotic behaviors that are harming you. The anorexia is potential far worse than unsightly nails. Take care of yourself.

  • Virtually no effective calorie will be added from fingernails.

    But there is high chance of getting GIT infection from nails.

    10 fingers are the 10 most common causes of infection.

    Moreover, there is pretty good chance that your fingernail area would be injured and become prone to infection.

    There are some calorie free chewing gum & manufacturers claimed them to be good for teeth. You can try them.

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