How many calories do I burn by coughing???

I have a really bad cold, and I was just wondering if I actually burned any calories by coughing.

6 Answers

  • I think you burn like 1-5 calories when you laugh, so a cough wouldn't be that far off from those numbers. On an interesting note, chewing gum speeds up your metabolism by 10-20%!

  • average cough burns approx 6 calories

  • interesting. probably like a calorie per cough. Dont make your self cough just to burn extra calories though..Cough when its nesscary to do it. Hope you feel better.

  • I would say that would depend on the severity of the cough and whether or not you have a fever and/or loss of appetite.

    You're looking hard for that silver lining, aren't you? 😉 Feel better!

  • no calories burned less you upchucked your chow...then you lose calories.

  • wow this is stupid

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