How many calories do people burn a day, doing nothing?

Without exercise, and just sitting and stuff, or an average everyday life- how many calories does a person burn?

I’m 13, five foot five, weigh 175 lbs

and i think im not eating enough.

I eat around 980-1020 calories a day. Am I gaining weight?

DAMMN, people. I do 2 hours of cardio and 30 crunchies every few hours. I was just wondering, *****.

Jesus, I thought people were nice. And I probably weigh less than that, because that was way when I was fatter- it’s just that I don’t have a scale, so I have to go for the worst.

I was only wondering because that way I could see if I should up my diet so I lose in a healthy way.

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  • i use to have a site which would show you how many you burn without doing anything, but its usually between 1200-1500. im 5’3” 157lbs and i burn around 1500 without working out or anything. let me see if i can find the calculator


    there ya go.

  • Calories Burned Doing Nothing

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How many calories do people burn a day, doing nothing?

    Without exercise, and just sitting and stuff, or an average everyday life- how many calories does a person burn?

  • I do not know about the exact figures but I know that in order for us to stay alive, our body cells need to metabolize and this requires energy. The fact that you are breathing right now proves that you are “burning calories” because you diaphragm is moving which also requires energy. So basically yeah. Even staying alive takes energy and “burns calories”. However the problem is that the energy used up to stay alive is not as much as how much you consume so it means that if you eat but dont exercise, you’ll get fat… But to sum up, yes you do burn calories by doing nothing because what seems like doing nothing is actually a lot…

  • ok first off, don’t listen to the first 2 answers..the average person i think burns about 1000 calories a day doing nothing. that doesnt mean that you won’t gain weight from eating as little as you are…the ammount that you are eating will send your body into starvation mode, which means that it will store everything it gets as fat. i would suggest eating more and exercising. it can be fun if you walk around your neighborhood and stuff. don’t depend on burning calories by just breathing because that isnt really healthy. you are supposed to get exercise.

  • it takes burning calories for your body to even function…that’s kinda the point of eating in the first place. calories are energy for your body to use…and it takes energy to eat, breath, walk, hold yourself upright, and believe it or not just sitting in a chair playing video games is using a very very very little amount of calories. now the problem that people have is eating way more calories than they burn. its impossible to tell exactly how much you burn in your everyday life because its very individualized considering your age, weight, and ratio of muscle to body weight. but if you want to do a little better by getting rid of excess then just get up and do something…anything, every single day.

  • about 20?? walking to tiolet, clicking remote and stuff. which sucks if think about it – u burn 20 calories in 3 minutes on a treadmill on a fast speed. why cant calories be none exsistant!!!!!!!!

  • It depends on how much they weigh – use a tool such as this to figure it out:

  • you don’t burn calories doing nothing. if you like walk all day in school and play sports and just the average person – 2,000 cals (estimate)

  • you lose 0 calories but you gain like 1,000 calories

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