How Many Colt 45 40’s are in a “case”?

I'm having a huge party in a few days and ordered 2 cases of Colt 45 40's, but I don't know how many are in a case. They sell for $2 each, and the case is $26, but I think there is a discount for buying by the case.

I can't call the place, because its closed. I'm thinking we won't have enough, and I'm going to order 2 more, depending upon the number.

3 Answers

  • A case of 40's consists of 12 bottles. i can tell you for a fact because i just bought a 3 cases of Colt 45 Double Malt 40's the other night for a party at my house.

    Source(s): Im a college student that buys and drinks way to much beer haha
  • Usually a case is 24 cans or bottles.. but when it comes to the 40 oz bottles.. they come in 12 bottles to a case.. so it was a good idea to order to more cases.. have a good time and Get WASTED!!!

  • Y'all can choke on beer while I drinkʙʀᴇᴀsт milk. Preferably from yo mommy.

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