how many credits to you need to be concidered a senior?!?

in sugarland texas.

4 Answers

  • 0-5 credits means that you are a freshman.

    6-11 credits means that you are a sophomore.

    12-17 credits means that you are a junior.

    18-23 means that you are a senior.

    24 credits are required to graduate with a standard diploma.

    I’m assuming that this is the same for every school system (1 English, 1 Math, 1 Elective/PE, 1 Foreign Language, 1 Science, and 1 Social Studies course per year is the minimum), but I could be wrong. You can make sure by going to your school system’s website or by asking a guidance counselor or teacher about it.

  • Depends. My school is 16

  • I don’t know?

  • i have no idea.

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