How many cups of water is 700 mL?

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  • There are 250mLs in a standard measuring cup so there are:

    700/250= 2.8 cups in 700mLs.

    Just note that most drinking cups hold between 150-250mLs

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    How many cups of water is 700 mL?

  • a cup of water is 250 ml. so you have 2 cups and 4/5

  • 4 cups

  • besides the standard cup ,250 ml , you could also use a small coca cola bottle for meassurement, it holds 2 cl witch is 200 ml.


    Take 3 cups of 500ml to a bowl then take out 2 cups of 700ml, 100ml will be left. To chk: (3*500ml)-(2*700ml) => 1500ml-1400ml=100ml. (@[email protected]) if bowl is not allowed then fill 500ml cup 1st then transfer it to 700ml cup, 200ml is needed to make 700ml cup full, then fill 500ml cup again then transfer 200ml to 700ml cup, so 300ml is left in 500ml cup, then empty 700ml cup and tranfer the 300ml in 700ml cup again, so it only needs 400ml for 700ml cup to be full, then fill 500ml again then transfer 400ml to 700ml cup, so 100ml will be left in 500ml cup. (@[email protected])

  • Just depends on the volume of the cup

  • Well one cup is 250ml, you do the math

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