How many days can I refrigerate my graham cake?

I’m planning to make a graham cake for no reason at all.

So how many days can i refrigerate my graham cake?

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  • That would depend on the ingredients.

    When you say “Graham Cake,” I immediately picture a cake-like dessert which includes graham crackers, cherry pie filling, pudding and whipped cream. In my neck of the woods, this is a graham cake, and they are delicious. However, the ingredients have a tendency to soften the graham crackers, so three days is about as long as this keeps. The cake doesn’t spoil, it just gets soft.

    Graham cakes which are in no way similar to the above will last about 5 days. I currently have a double-fudge chocolate cake with peanut butter icing loosely covered in my pantry. Five days later and it’s still fresh. The obnoxious amounts of sugar in cakes and other desserts keep them from spoiling quickly. However, what you will have is a break-down in taste and consistency.

    Happy baking, and enjoy that cake. 🙂

  • buy and Angel Food cake ,take it out of the mold cut it into 3 section across, get a tub of light Cool Whip 1 can of crushed pineapple totally drain the liquid out in a strainer or a coffee filter if you don’t have one, mix the Cool whip and Pineapple together and spread on each layer of the cake stacking each layer ,finish the cake by spreading a bit of the mixture on the top and you are done ,I make this a lot it’s low in calories . Make a little card or buy one and stick it on the top of it you can go into the flower shop they have little prongs made of plastic to insert the card in.

  • Graham Refrigerated Cake…


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