how many feet is 30 meters?

7 Answers

  • The Google search field has a conversion calculator, you just need to type:

    “30 meters to feet” and you get this answer:

    30 meters = 98.4251969 feet

  • How Many Feet Is 30 Meters

  • 30 Meters To Feet

  • If you are just chatting with someone about how long something is, say, a boat, you could say “a hundred feet.” Or “a boat of about a hundred feet.”

    Here s a quote from the internet: “…a man who had been trapped in an air bubble of a capsized boat …at a depth of 30 meters (about 100 feet) …”

  • There is about 98.4 feet in 30 meters.

  • 30 Meters = 98.4251968503937 Feet

    That’s the exact number, check the website out!!

  • the results are below. 30 meters = 98.4251969 feet

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