How many grams are in 1.946 moles of NaCl?

I don’t get how you solve the mass of moles and those conversion stuffs. I’d be very grateful if anyone could show me the steps. And also, please explain the difference between moles and molecules. Are they the same?

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  • To find the grams when you have moles you have to multiply the moles by molar mass of NaCl. NaCl’s molar mass is Na- 22.99 + Cl-35.45 (atomic masses) = 58.44. So multiply 1.946 by 58.44 and you get 113.72424grams (don’t know how far you round).

    To find molecules, atoms or ions.

    If you start out with grams divide by molar mass and you get moles to go to atoms multiply the moles by Avogadro constant (6.02X10^23) and you get atoms/ions/molecules.

    So if you go into moles you divide and if you go out you multiply.

    Here is the chart that we learned how to do moles.

    Atoms )—->(divide by Avogadro constant)-Moles—->(multiply by molar mass)-Grams-

    Ions)<—-(multiply by Avogadro constant)-Moles-<—(divide by molar mass)-Grams-

    For the difference between moles and molecules…..

    An atom is a basic unit of matter. A molecule would be a collection of atoms. Like H2O- it has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom and that makes a water molecule.

    A mole is a number saying how many atoms are in the substance. One mole has 6.02X10^23 atoms. So one mole of Oxygen weighs 16 grams. 2 would weigh 22grams. So in two moles there is 2(6.02X10^23)

    Hope This Helped

    Source(s): My current Pre-IB Physical Science class
  • A mole of a substance is the number of that substance required for the atomic weight of one molecule of that substance (atomic weight) to have the same weight in grams. That number is 6.02214179×10^23. To find the weight of a mole of a substance you have to find the molecular weight of that substance. The molecular weight of NaCl would be the weight of one atom of Sodium (Na) and one atom of Chlorine(Cl). An atom of sodium weighs 22.9898. An atom of chlorine weighs 35.453. So a molecule of NaCl would weigh 58.4428 atomic mass units. So one mole of NaCl would weigh 58.4428 grams. 1.946 moles would be 1.946×58.4428 or 113.73 grams.

  • you multiply the grams they provide you (25 g) by utilising the ratio of a million mole over the molar mass of NaCl. i don’t have a periodic table with me so which you will would desire to seem up the molar mass.

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