How many grams of CO2 are used when 8.5g of O2 are produced?

Here’s the equation: 4KO2+2CO2→2K2CO3+3O2 I’d kind of like to see how you got the answer, and thanks!

1 Answer

  • The equation tells you that 2 mol CO2 are used when 3 mol O2 are produced. You produce 8.5g O21 Molar mass O2 = 32g/mol mol O2 in 8.5g = 8.5/32 = 0.2656 mol O2 This will require 0.2656*2/3 = 0.1771 mol CO2 is used Molar mass CO2 = 44g/mol Mass of 0.1771 mol CO2 = 0.1771*44 = 7.792 g CO2 used

    Answer correct to 2 significant figures = 7.8g CO2 used.

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